A 40-Year long history: since more than 40 years we manufacture tools for vineyard and gardening


The company STA‑FOR® di Gaspardo Luigino & C. Snc was set up in 1975
in Maniago, as a company specialising in the production of shears and high quality pruning tools. All product design and production stages have always wholly been carried out in‑company, for total warranty of Originality and Quality on every STA‑FOR® branded product. The company division specialised in precision mechanics, STA‑FOR Mechanical Division, provides synergistic metal skills and cutting‑edge technology to pursue ever greater efficiency and improvement objectives. Thanks to this wealth of skills and resources the STA‑FOR® product range has continuously been widened over the years, progressively establishing itself internationally both owing to its reliability and the ability to address with flexibility the demands of the professional sector.


The Design Department uses advanced 2D‑3D modelling software to create the concept of each product, which is then tested in the laboratory as well as in the field for technical approval of performance and handiness. Responsibility for testing downstream of productive departments lies with the Quality Department of our Mechanical Division, experienced in checks on mechanical, precision and tolerance features, as well as in performance checks.


All STA‑FOR® products have all spare parts always available, as well as a quick and professional support service for any customer request. The work process wholly carried out in‑company is at the basis of our reliability and professionalism, and is also the foundation.


Bearing witness to the company’s high specialisation and its strict loyalty to made‑in‑Maniago, STA‑FOR® was awarded with the certification mark Qualità Maniago (QM).



STA‑FOR® products are made at our facility with all operations entirely carried out in‑company. The systems and work centres of the Mechanical Division deal with construction of the blade, sharpening and finishing, making use of the most innovative CNC technologies
offered by the Precision Machining sector. The semifinishes of the blade assemblies of all models are transferred to the Assembly Department for subsequent stages. Here, two areas devoted to constructing and moulding the handles are next to autonomous and line stations from which each finished product is obtained, by model. Finally, the packaging and stocking department deals with the final stages of the process, from order preparation