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Pedal-operated grafting machine, for use on bench and to work in large numbers in warehouse. Omega grafting system, particularly versatile and advantageous as it guarantees maximum take.
Suitable for grafting in vineyard, orchard, garden.


Omega grafting machine (right)

Pedal operated and Omega grafting system. This system is especially advantageous both in terms of profitability and results, and is proper for any type of vine and fruit tree grafts.

Additional information
Product code

80 (Ω right)

Spare parts:
R1117-100x100 R1117 – Cam spring
R1116-100x100 R1116 – Return spring
R1115-100x100 R1115 – 2nd gr. expeller left
R1114-100x100 R1114 – 1st gr. expeller Left
R1113-100x100 R1113 – Gr. expellers Right
R1112-100x100 R1112 – Plug
R1111-100x100 R1111 – Blade