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Tempered, burnished carbon steel blades, firmly attached to handle.
The handle is aluminium alloy, heavy duty yet lightweight, it features a practical and comfortable plastic grip. The shock absorbing rubber buffer makes cutting easier and less jarring, avoiding fatigue caused by long work hours.

Wavy blades facilitate the cut by preventing the foliage from slipping forward, and it is therefore held better during cutting.



Every part of these trimmers is extremely heavy duty: this means they are top quality, safe to use and offer a long service life.
Hardened carbon steel blades, accurately sharpened and burnished. Aluminium handle firmly fixed to the blades. Plastic coated handgrip. Blade length 23 cm. ø 12 hardened centre screw with self‑locking nut. Fitted with rubber shock absorber.

Additional information
Available lengths

(58 cm / 22.83")#(75 cm / 29.53")

Product code

501.58 (wavy blades, total length cm 58)#501.75 (wavy blades, total length cm 75)

Spare parts:
1045-100x100 R1045 – Pair of shock-absorber support
1044-100x100 R1044 – Pair of shock-absorbers
1043-100x100 R1043 – Screw and nut, Belleville spring
STA-FOR-Disegno-SET_Su-QUADRATO-80x80 Set 1310 (includes R1044 and R1045)