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Hooked head handsaw with curved blade able to facilitate cutting in vertical position.
The interchangeable blade, sharpened on two edges, is strong and flexible to limit breakage in case of transverse strain during cutting.
The saw is equipped with a hook stop device on the top, and a bottom blade to cut the bark.
The handsaw can be used in combination with any model of our sturdy STA-FOR telescopic poles.
Assembly: to fit the lopping shear onto the pole: take the wooden adapter off of the pole and put in the plastic adapter supplied with the lopping shear.

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(52 cm / 20.47")

Codice prodotto


Spare parts:
1151-100x100 R1151 – Blade mm 350
1120-100x100 R1120 – Adapter dia32-28 for adaptation to the reinforced-model poles
1119-1-100x100 R1119 – Adapter dia32-25 for adaptation to the light-model poles