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Rope-operated lopping shear, equipped with double pulley sliding system to enable the rope to move back and forth.
Made entirely of steel, a feature that makes this tool indestructible.
Cutting capacity: 45 mm.

BENEFIT: for occasional use, the handsaw blade can be quickly attached to the end of the tool. Alternatively, the blade can be inserted directly at the base (obtaining tool code 731)

ASSEMBLY: to fit the lopping shear onto the pole: take the wooden adapter off of the pole and put in the plastic adapter supplied with the lopping shear.

The lopping shear can be used in combination with STA-FOR telescopic poles, from 3 m to 6 m.



Total length: 76 cm. Sliding mechanism: double pulley. Cutting capacity: 45 mm. Handsaw blade: 35 cm, optional. Resistant twisted rope, length 5 metres.

Additional information

(76 cm / 29.92")

Product code

751 (with saw mm.350)

Spare parts:
R1097-100x100 R1097 – Cord mt.5
R1096-100x100 R1096 – Nylon pulley
R1094-100x100 R1094 – Screw and nut for lever
R1093-100x100 R1093 – Tie rod screw and nut
R1092-100x100 R1092 – Screw and nut for blade
R1091-100x100 R1091 – Spring
R1089-100x100 R1089 – Blade
1120-100x100 R1120 – Adapter dia32-28 for adaptation to the reinforced-model poles
1119-1-100x100 R1119 – Adapter dia32-25 for adaptation to the light-model poles
1150-100x100 R1150 – Blade mm 350
R1095-100x100 R1095 – Pulley bush
R1022-80x80 R1022 – Nut-locking plate with screw
STA-FOR-Disegno-SET_Su-QUADRATO-80x80 Set 1318 (includes R1092, R1022, R1093, R1094 x pcs.2, R1095 x pcs.4 and R1096 x pcs.4)